Function Reference

opt_einsum.contract(subscripts, *operands[, …]) Evaluates the Einstein summation convention on the operands.
opt_einsum.contract_path(*operands, **kwargs) Evaluates the lowest cost einsum-like contraction order.
opt_einsum.contract_expression(subscripts, …) Generate an reusable expression for a given contraction with specific shapes, which can for example be cached.
opt_einsum.contract.ContractExpression(…) Helper class for storing an explicit contraction_list which can then be repeatedly called solely with the array arguments.
opt_einsum.paths.optimal(input_sets, …) Computes all possible pair contractions, sieves the results based on memory_limit and returns the lowest cost path.
opt_einsum.paths.greedy(input_sets, …) Finds the path by contracting the best pair until the input list is exhausted.
opt_einsum.parser.get_symbol(i) Get the symbol corresponding to int i - runs through the usual 52 letters before resorting to unicode characters, starting at chr(192).